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From 2013 to 2022 I put my master's degree in companion animal behavior to use by helping hundreds of people with their pet's behavior issues. 


It was rewarding, educational, exciting, and sometimes lonely and heart wrenching.  I learned so much about people, pets, and owning a business on my own.   

I have officially closed this business now but I am carrying all of the memories and experience learned into my new adventures.

THANK YOU to every client that worked so hard and helped their pet become the best version of themself that they could be. My heart still sings with every update & adventure that I hear or see you on!

If you need behavior assistance with your pet, I have the following tips to offer you:

1. Seek professional help promptly.  At any point with a caring professional, things can be done to make the situation better.  You wouldn't go to youtube or to a friend for a toothache, DON'T assume you can figure out behavior issues watching youtube, reading books, or by getting advice from various friends.  Swallow your pride & let a professional help you!

2. Don't let location deter you from finding the right professional.  A good trainer can show you what to do in person.  A GREAT trainer can teach you how to do it from a distance!  There's no quick fix but I cannot explain the depth of relationship and love that you will build with your pet in the process.

3. Experience, studies, and professionals prove everyday that pain, force, and fear aren't necessary with training.  If it doesn't feel right, run to someone else!  I highly recommend starting with a reputable page, like the Pet Professional Guild to find a reputable professional to help you!


We will never forget  our rescue Kylie

and what she taught us

She went from Cujo to trusting me to take care of anything we encountered.  I knew we had made it when walks were full of complements from other dog owners!

Keep Your Pet, LLC was created to help empower other pet owners too

February 1, 2004-November 25, 2017

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