Helping People With Pet Problems

I am a companion animal behavior consultant focusing on pet behavior problems.  After formally studying animal behavior since 2011, I started professionally helping pets in 2014.  My education, training, experience, and results are based on scientifically proven low stress, fear-free, and pain-free behavior modification methods.  


I help with minor problems and more complicated concerns.  I work with pets that urinate in the wrong places, hide from strangers, bark excessively, jump on strangers, lunge towards others, make too much noise, eat the wrong things, fight with other animals, act aggressively towards strangers, are overly reactive on walks or at home, are difficult to take to the veterinarian or anywhere, and/or are destructive or anxious when their owners leave.  I work primarily with dogs, but I also work with cats, birds, and rabbits too.  If a behavior is frustrating to you, I am here to help.   


Your pet is unique so the steps you take need to be unique too.  That is why advice that you are getting may not be working for your pet.  As a behavior consultant, I focus on why the behavior is occurring.  Without understanding ‘why’ the behavior continues, it can be frustrating trying various solutions as the problem behavior continues on and on.  Once we determine 'why' an animal is doing something, a customized plan that is tailored to your pet, your family, and your environment is created just for you.  The ultimate goal is that you can relax and enjoy your time with your pet.

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Royan Bartley, Member