Helping You With Your Pet Problems

I have been there!  My dog excelled in classes and agility but she was still overly reactive to some strangers and other dogs.  She turned into Cujo on the end of the leash.  It was scary, frustrating, and sometimes embarrassing.  Not until I went to school to learn about animal behavior did I start to truly understand why she chose those behaviors.  Understanding why greatly helped me help her.  With the Behavior Assistant Program, I am here to tell you what to do, assist with the overwhelming flow of conflicting information, and cheer you on.  The ultimate goal is that you can relax and enjoy your time with the best possible version of your pet.  


We will never forget  our rescue Kylie

and what she taught us

She went from Cujo to trusting me to take care of anything we encountered.  I knew we had made it when walks were full of complements from other dog owners!

February 1, 2004-November 25, 2017