Helping People With Pet Problems

I have been there!  My dog excelled in classes and agility but she was still overly reactive to some strangers and other dogs.  She turned into Cujo on the end of the leash.  It was scary, frustrating, and sometimes embarrassing.  I didn't need more obedience classes, or more casual advice, I needed someone who could really help.  Finding no one and nothing that worked, I went back to school.


I learned about animal behavior and then started to understand why my dog did what she did.  This understanding helped me greatly 'crack the code', her behaviors changed, and what a relief it was!

I created this company so I could help countless other pet owners crack the code with their pet too.  


We will never forget  our rescue Kylie

and what she taught us

She went from Cujo to trusting me to take care of anything we encountered.  I knew we had made it when walks were full of complements from other dog owners!

Keep Your Pet, LLC was created to help empower other pet owners too

February 1, 2004-November 25, 2017