Anxieties and phobias


With anxieties, compulsive behaviors, and phobias the caregiver frequently feels sorry for the pet, becomes frustrated, annoyed, saddened, and does not know what to do for the pet.  Finding the underlying cause is essential but not easy for a caregiver to do on their own.  Anxieties can include separation anxiety, noise phobias, aggressions, and elimination associated with fear.  Compulsive behaviors can include circling, tail-chasing, fence running, fly biting, self-mutilation, hair or air biting, eating inappropriate non-food substances, pacing, spinning, staring, wool-sucking, and chewing.  Phobias can develop from a fear response, for example thunderstorm phobia.  With help, the underlying cause(s) will be determined and an individualized plan created for you to help decrease the problem behavior and increase more acceptable behaviors. 


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