The Behavior Assistant Program

Pet help specific for you and your pet, every step of the way!

Your pet is struggling and you have questions - lots of questions.  You have scoured the internet for answers.  Maybe even taken a few classes or read several books.  You are bound and determined to help your pet but you don't know how.  You have tried some things.  You aren't sure if they are working.  Some recommendations you don't like doing or know in your heart that there must be a better way.  It's overwhelming, exhausting, and you are looking for something else.


The Behavior Assistant program gives you a unique opportunity to have access to an experienced behavior professional to ask all of your questions.  Someone that has been where you are.  Someone that has studied and practiced and learned what you need to do.  Someone that will provide answers in a timely and professional manner that will not cause more stress, pain, or fear to you or your pet.   Someone who understands what you are going through, knows what you need to do, and will walk you through how to do it.  

The Behavior Assistant Program offers:  

  • Thorough review of your questionnaire  & private introductory phone session

  • Reading materials, focus area, related exercises, & check in

  • Written learning materials you can download & refer to at any time

  • Personalized, one-on-one responses via email 

  • No limit to the number of questions asked via email

  • Exercises for you & your pet for real world situations

  • Support, encouragement, motivation, and accountability to help you along the way

  • One price for multiple behaviors and/or multiple pets in the same household 

  • Flexibility of reviewing & practicing when convenient for you

  • Feedback on your videos

  • Relief of knowing what to do and what not to do

  • Peace of mind knowing that you are helping your pet become the best he or she can be

  • Current, modern, humane, pain-free, force-free, stress-free methods

  • Encouragement and accountability as you have a professional tell you what will work and encourage you through

If you are ready for this opportunity, click on the 'Apply Here' button to put in your application.  Due to the unique nature of this program, this program is limited in # of participants at one time.  

If you are motivated to help your pet, this could be the program to get you there.  

Behavior Assistant 1x1 Program = $500  For two months, you get:

  • All the benefits of the Behavior Assistant Program listed above

  • Private scheduled phone sessions to help with individual guidance and accountability

  • Local in-person sessions can be added in for $100 per session as appropriate

Click on the orange button to apply.  Once the application is completed, a link for booking a private, no charge, introductory phone consultation will be provided.  The phone session is to answer any of your questions about the program and determines if the program is a good fit for you!