Behavior Assistant Program Details

What you need quickly, providing behavior help specific for you, every step of the way!

Life is hard enough.  The last thing you need is another class but you are committed to helping decrease some problem behaviors with your pet.  The Behavior Assistant program gives you access to a professional, experienced, behavior assistant.  Someone to answer your questions in a timely and professional manner that will not cause more stress, pain, or fear to you or your pet. 

Through the Behavior Assistant program, you review the materials when it works for you versus a set class time once a week.  The material is provided in parts as needed for your particular needs.  The parts are less overwhelming as you can review, ask questions, start to implement, and ask more questions as needed at your pace.  Each part builds on the next, with the goal of decreasing your pet's problem behaviors.  

The Behavior Assistant program offers:  

  • Personalized, one-on-one focus 

  • Step by Step, professional materials to review & keep for future reference

  • Real life implementation - changing your pet's behavior where it needs changing

  • Flexibility of reviewing & practicing when convenient for you

  • Support & Encouragement - sometimes being told what to do and what not to do is half the battle

  • Accountability - Regular check ins to encourage and keep you moving forward

  • Answers & Recommendations - no more scouring the internet and friends for overwhelming & conflicting recommendations

  • Video reviews with observations & recommendations

  • Current, modern, humane, pain-free, force-free, stress-free methods will be recommended - You will not be asked to force your pet, cause your pet additional fear, or apply pain to your pet.  Those traditional methods are outdated and unnecessary and have been shown to potentially cause additional behavioral problems.

  • Open Enrollment to start anytime - Apply today!

This personalized Behavior Assistant program is $600 for 6 weeks.  How long you remain in the Behavior Assistant program depends on you and your pet.  A typical client stays in the program for a session or two while their questions are answered and they start to implement the recommendations.  This is not designed to be a long-term program, although I frequently provide encouragement and love hearing updates from Keep Your Pet alumni.  The 'Apply Here' button below will start the application process.  This is a one-on-one service.  To be able to provide prompt replies to clients, a maximum of ten qualified candidates will be accepted at a time.