Behavior Assistant Program Details

What you need quickly, providing behavior help specific for you, every step of the way!

Life is hard enough.  Your pet is struggling and you have questions - lots of questions.  You have scoured the internet for answers.  You are bound and determined to help your pet but you don't know how.  The Behavior Assistant program gives you access to an experienced behavior professional to ask all of your questions.  Someone that will provide answers in a timely and professional manner that will not cause more stress, pain, or fear to you or your pet.   Someone that will guide you through the week with appropriate homework assignments, check in on you, and encourage you along as you learn how to help your pet.

Through the Behavior Assistant program, you review the materials on your schedule versus a set class time once a week.  The material is provided in parts as necessary for your particular needs which makes a complicated subject less overwhelming.  You can review, ask questions, start to implement, and ask more questions at your pace.  Each part builds on the next, with the ultimate goal of decreasing your pet's problem behaviors.  

The Behavior Assistant program offers:  

  • Thorough review of your completed questionnaire  

  • Initial phone session consultation to make sure you are a good fit for this program 

  • Personalized, one-on-one focus including check-ins, homework assignments, & answers to your specific concerns as they arise 

  • Step-by-step, professional materials for you to review & save for future reference

  • Real life implementation - tools and recommendations for changing your pet's behavior where it needs changing, not just in a classroom setting

  • Multiple behavior issues are common and can be addressed

  • One price for multiple pets in the same household (dogs and/or cats) 

  • Flexibility of reviewing & practicing when convenient for you

  • Support, encouragement, and accountability to help you make progress

  • Weekly phone sessions with written summaries scheduled as needed

  • Video reviews with observations & recommendations

  • Peace of mind that you are helping your pet become the best he or she can be

  • Current, modern, humane, pain-free, force-free, stress-free methods will be recommended - You will not be asked to force your pet, cause your pet additional fear, or apply pain to your pet.  Those traditional methods are outdated and unnecessary and have been shown to potentially cause additional behavioral problems.

If you are motivated and ready to make the commitment to helping your pet, this could be the program to get you there.  The duration of the Behavior Assistant program depends on you and your pet.  For most behavior issues, a two-month minimum is recommended to receive the required amount of information to graduate.  

  • 4 weeks = $500.  If all you can do is one month, this will get you off to a good start with learning about and managing the problem behavior.

  • 6 weeks = $675.  At a slightly discounted rate, six weeks gives you time to learn more, manage the problem behavior, and start to add in ways to see new behaviors.

  • 8 weeks = $850.  Discounted & recommended for complicated behavior issues.  This gives you the biggest discount of $150 and is paced nicely to integrate into your already busy schedule covering specific management, learning, training, and behavior changes.


The 'start' button below will start the application process and will get you thinking of your top priority issues (goals) while completing a questionnaire that will be helpful in getting started.  Once the questionnaire is completed, a link for booking the initial phone consultation will be provided.  

After completing the Behavior Assistant program, the Postgraduate program is available offering in-person walks together in Camden or as-needed phone sessions.