Canine Board & Behavior Modification

a B&B for canines!

Clients asked for this and here it is!  A canine B&B is a perfect choice when you need a break and want to ship your canine off to boutique bootcamp or you are going on vacation and want your canine to be well cared for and learn new behaviors while you are away!

This is also helpful for rescues or shelters that have dogs that are simply not doing well in the kennel environment or that need some extra loving care and behavior attention before they can get successfully adopted.

  • Your pet stays with us in our home.

  • If your dog gets stressed out with the chaos of kennels or other dogs, no worries.  Your pet will be the only pet staying in our home at that time. 

  • Your pet will be incorporated into our daily routine which may include interactive puzzle games, learning to use a treadmill, exploring our fenced in wooded area, walks, going for a ride, or loose leash walking in downtown areas.

  • Your pet's primary problem behaviors will be worked on while in our care.  If your pet barks like crazy in the car, we will focus regularly on decreasing the barking in the car.  If your pet is reactive to other dogs or strangers while out walking, we will focus regularly on decreasing this reactivity.  If your dog has separation anxiety, your dog will not be left alone and we will work regularly on improving his or her confidence while gradually teaching your pet how to settle calmly while alone.

  • Reward-based, positive reinforcement training techniques will be used.  No pain, intimidation, dominance, prong, or shock collars will be used.

  • Near the end of your pet's stay with us or when you return from vacation, you and your family will come visit with your pet and the animal behavior consultant.  This time will be used to show off your pet's new skills and to help you and your family understand how to maintain these new skills.  Three follow-up sessions are included to set you and your pet up for success!*

  • Your pet must be licensed in your town, healthy, and up-to-date on vaccinations including rabies, bordetella, heartworm, flea, and tick prevention medications.

  • Limited - by approval only

  • For severe cases, 3 to 4 weeks may be recommended. 


$945 per week (7 days)
*within 20 miles of 04856 (additional mileage fees, travel expenses, travel surcharge, skype, facetime, or phone will be discussed over 20 miles or for island clients)

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