Dog Walking

Many pet owners are quite particular about how their dog is treated and who is walking their dog - as they should be!  There are many situations that can be encountered while out walking your dog.  Pushing your dog into fearful or dangerous situations can be immediately dangerous for your dog and can have long term implications if your dog becomes fearful.  You should completely trust that the person at the other end of the leash knows what to do in various situations, will arrive as scheduled, and will treat your dog with respect without causing any pain or fear. 

  • An animal behavior professional works directly with your pet and any issues we are working on improving.

  • If the weather is great and your dog wants to go, we walk!

  • If the weather is bad and your dog wants to stay inside, we will go outside to eliminate then back inside to play interactive mental games.  Before leaving, your dog goes outside again to eliminate. 

  • We will work on sitting at doors, not pulling on the leash, coming when called, sitting for distractions, and sitting when cars drive by.

  • Limited basis based on location, availability, and by approval only

  • Bonus - Treat bag for your use while walking!

$25 per 20/30 minute session

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