What will I be up to next?  Keep an eye on this page and facebook for future events!  I am always excited to help and give hope to those with animal behavior problems.  Let me know if your organization is interested in hosting a presentation!

  • August 2020:  We recently adopted “Max”,  a wonderful 14 month old golden doodle puppy in an adult dog’s body. He’s great, but came to us with some challenging behavioral issues that had to be corrected. That’s when we reached out to Royan to help us work with Max. All the work was done remotely through e-mail, video instruction, and downloaded material. Royan is extremely professional and knowledgeable about animal behavior, how to have both dogs and owners be happier companions while staying safe.  

Bill Austin and Joan Rockwell, Cushing or Brattleboro, Vermont

  • May 2020:  Every year I look at my services with the aim to make things easier for clients.  With the COVID-19 pandemic putting a different perspective on some things, I am reworking my packages.  My goal has always been to make a challenging topic easier, so much so that clients often say, 'that makes sense, why didn't I think of that?'  Well, there is always room for improvement here!  My primary focus now is on SIMPLE STEPS, BIG RESULTS!

  • January 2020:  This year I am moving the Reactive Dog Class to a bigger space, Spot On Dog Training Center, in Linvolnville, ME.  This will allow us more space between dogs and outdoor, fenced in space in the summer months.   If you have a dog that is difficult to walk or take places, this may be the class for you!

  • January 2019:  I have started my second round of Reactive Dog classes at P.A.W.S.!   Also, I am excited to announce a new program!  In order to help clients quicker, I have developed a Virtual Behavior Assistant program.  This program allows me to help you quicker no matter where you live.  Clients no longer need to wait for a time that I can schedule an evaluation in their home.   This program offers Step by step instructions and/or checklists as appropriate via email, Review of your short videos either observing the behavior or following the recommendations, Accountability as a professional guides you along and keeps you progressing by giving you the information you need as you need it versus everything at once, and Answers to your questions as you encounter them.  I started working on and testing this last fall and am excited to be rolling it out.  This program allows me to more efficiently help more people and to do so quicker!  A win for you and your pet!

  • Fall 2018 I started working with clients online.  Obviously, traditional training has been through weekly classes or private sessions but my focus is on animal behavior.  Training is just one piece of modifying an animal's behavior.  I put technology to work and provide animal behavior assistance from a distance.  I had previously helped friends in Minnesota and in England so I was sure it could work.  I started with a couple in Manhattan with a reactive dog and confirmed again that it can work.  Starting this winter, I've added on several more remote clients.  I now primarily work remotely even if the clients live nearby.  I have found that clients can review my materials when it works for them (6AM, 10PM, over lunch, etc.) versus a set class time or having to understand it all when I am there in person.  I break it down into small pieces as needed for that particular client.  The pieces are less overwhelming.  Clients are asked to provide feedback on what I am telling them so I know they have read and understood the materials.   They are encouraged to email me any questions, videos of the behavior or videos of working on modifying the behaviors, updates how things are going, etc.  If we need to, we can have phone conversations, facetime, or skype.  I think of it as having an animal behavior assistance right there in your back pocket.  I charge weekly and happily put folks on hold for vacations or when they have a good handle on what to do and just need time to practice.  As time allows, I have all sorts of thoughts on how to help make modifying behaviors easier and easier for clients! 

  • In keeping with my mission of helping people with pet behavior problems and my vision of increased awareness of pet behavior and options available, I am working on two classes for this fall (2018).  One class is focused on Keeping Your Pet Calm with Strangers and Other Dogs (reactive dog class).  This class is aimed to provide students with the knowledge, tools, and practice that they need to help their pets in a safe, controlled environment.  The second class is Kitten Kindergarten which helps prepare kittens for things they will encounter as adults - e.g., riding in carriers in the car, vet procedures, handling, and socializing.   Your cat may learn some cool tricks along the way as well! 

  • Clients wanted it and I am thrilled to now offer overnight in home pet care for your pets.  If your pets are anxious leaving home or if you are anxious leaving them elsewhere, this may be the service for you! 

  • This summer I am again working with P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption Center for their summer camp program.  I am helping kids learn about animal behavior.

  • During April school vacation, I was a guest speaker for P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption Center April Break Kids Camp.  The kids this week were learning about various animal-related careers, what is done on a day-to-day basis, and what it took to get started in the field.   After discussing what I do and answering questions, we played interactive puzzle games with an adult cat, practiced teaching the cat how to come when called and sit when asked, and then how to interact appropriately with two kittens!

  • On March 1 2018, I added another service to my list of services - dog walking.  Many pet owners are quite particular about how their dog is treated and who is walking their dog - understandably so!  There are many situations that can be encountered while out walking your dog.  You should completely trust that the person at the other end of the leash knows what to do in various situations and will treat your dog with respect and without pain or fear.  Many dogs have issues (jumping up, leash pulling, reactivity towards cars, people, or other animals, coming when called) that are worked on while out walking.  This service is on a limited basis based on my availability.

  • During February school vacation I helped at P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption winter camp.  I discussed environmental enrichment - what it means and why it is important for our pets.  The kids came up with creative things that they were going to do at home with their pets.  We also discussed animal behavior and questions that they had.  The kids continue to keep me on my toes as they aren't afraid to ask anything! 

  • January 02, 2018:  It is a new year and I am creating a new service based on client requests!  For some clients there just isn't time in their daily lives to do training and behavior modification and the process can seem impossible to get started.  For others clients, they would like to go on vacation knowing that their precious canine is well cared for and working on decreasing unwanted behaviors while they are away.  I will be offering a Canine Board & Behavior (canine B&B) package where your pet lives with us in our home, I work on the the problem behavior without using pain or fear, and expose your pet to real-life situations (like walking on leash, riding in the car, and going to public places).  At the conclusion of the canine B&B, I work with you on how to maintain the more appropriate behaviors.  This gives you a break from frustrating behaviors and lays the groundwork to set you and your canine up to succeed!  I started this service in February 2018 with three clients already booked!

  • In December 2017, I completed my three year term on the Board of Trustees for P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption Center (with two years as board President).  I was honored and humbled to be elected and helped the team get into the new building, providing a better living environment for the animals and a better working environment for staff and volunteers.  My goal throughout was to take P.A.W.S. from a tiny, rundown shelter that acted like a tiny, rundown shelter to a shelter that the entire community can be proud of - a role model for other shelters here in Maine and elsewhere!  I continue to volunteer my time weekly helping animals at P.A.W.S.

  • I discussed Companion Animal Behavior:  Common Problems & Q&A at P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption Center in Camden on Saturday November 11 at 10:00.  It was a great group of pet owners with lots of questions!  I went over Animal Behavior 101 intermixed with discussing their long list of problem behaviors. Our pets are lucky to have such wonderful owners!

  • I was excited to be a sponsor and present at the first annual P.A.W.S. Heroes Gala!  I presented the Outstanding Youth Volunteer of the Year award to Jeb Smereck.  Jeb approached P.A.W.S. asking to do a volunteer work study program.  He dug in and wanted to be exposed to all aspects of the organization.  Jeb created a series of questions that he asked employees, volunteers, donors, and me as current president of the board about their role at P.A.W.S.  Jeb also wanted to be in the role of staff and volunteers and did all sorts of jobs for P.A.W.S. - including cleaning cat condos, scrubbing dog kennels, doing the laundry, data entry, market research, filming videos, sending videos for TV broadcast, and helping fold and stuff envelopes for P.A.W.S. direct mail campaign! 

  • Building on my experiences with clients and based on client requests, I created new programs and updated my web page accordingly the week of July 17, 2017 - Let me know what would further help you!

  • This summer I am working with children ages 8-13 years that are attending P.A.W.S. Pals Summer Camp.  I am teaching the kids about animal behavior, communication signals of cats and dogs, humane ways of interacting with pets without using force, how to greet a cat, what to do with a growling dog, etc.!


  • Since January 2015, I volunteer weekly for P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption Center.  I discuss animal behvior concerns for animals in their care and assist the staff.  Since mid-2015, this collaboration has also included local dog trainer Annette MacNair of oh my dog! training.  These rescues have a hard enough time being homeless - we try to make things just a bit better for them!


  • On Wednesday, October 7, 2015 I was live on the radio for one hour!  You can find the broadcast on Airdate 10/7 10:00 AM Segment - Health Related Programming, Keep Your Pet.


  • On Thursday, September 24, 2015, P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption Center and Pope Memorial Humane Society of Knox County got together and lit candles as part of an international event reminding people of the wonderful pets available for adoption at your local shelter!  The event was called Remember Me Thursday.  My husband and I were excited to be a part of this collaboration!


  • On Saturday, June 13, 2015, we walked for the animals in the P.A.W.S. on Parade event in Camden, ME.  The parade was rain or shine, with pets or without.  We walked with a friendly one year old tri-colored hound named Leroy (available for adoption at P.A.W.S.).  Donations were accepted here:


  • I helped P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption Center sponsor an American Red Cross Certified Cat and Dog First Aid & CPR course on June 7 in Camden.  I participated to get my certification as well.  The proceeds from the class benefited the Maine Pet Oxygen Masks (POM) project.  The Maine POM project has a goal of equipping all Maine Fire and Rescue departments with POMs.


  • On March 3, I recorded my first television appearance which became live on the internet on March 25!  Boy was I nervous!  You can see me here:   


  • I participated in the P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption Center Muscles for Mutts fundraising event on February 7, 2015.  THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ME!  I raised $305 dollars and collectively we raised $3500!  Money raised for this event went specifically for outdoor exercise space at the P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption Center new location on John Street in Camden, Maine.  For pledges of $100 or more, I made a batch of our much requested homemade ice cream!  For those outside of the ice cream delivery area, I made our Firehouse chocolate cookies, either On fire (spicy) or Extinguished (regular)!  The animals and I thank you for your support!