Follow-On Assistance

You have now received the animal behavior information to help your pet.  Congratulations on learning so much to help your pet!  At this point, you can go on your own while continuing to practice.  Send in updates at any time, I love updates!  If you would like additional assistance, follow-on assistance services are available to you.  Programs are designed based on experience and previous client's requests.  

Maintenance programs offer:

  • Answers to your questions via email as you encounter questions

  • Review of short videos of you and your pet practicing - helps you with timing or stubborn issues

  • Regular Accountability check-ins (approximately once a week)

  • Encouragement as you go along (unfortunately progress has its ups and downs)

  • Seasonal focus as needed (house guests, fireworks, road trips with your pet, upcoming holiday issues, etc.)

$150 per month for continued personal assistance via email with the Maintenance Program


In addition, the Gold Maintenance Program also offers once a month online or in-person group workshops (sign up required).  These workshops are to practice your skills in real-time with immediate feedback and with others that are dedicated to helping their pet.  Workshops are typically scheduled on a Tuesday evening or Saturday afternoon at either Spot On Dog Training Center, downtown Camden, or other public locations.

$200 per month for continued personal assistance via email plus one in-person workshop per month with the Gold Maintenance Program.   


Out & About Workshops Only

If you are only interested in in-person practice sessions, the Out & About Workshops may be for you.  These workshops are to practice your skills in real-time with other like-minded dog owners.  These workshops are held either at Spot On outside, if possible, or in public places.  In public places who knows what may be encountered but we work through it together, practicing all of the skills and timing that you have been working on.  A sign up is required.  Any workshop can be attended (this is not a consecutive class).  This is subject to change based on changing pandemic restrictions. 

$30 per workshop


These follow-on services are only available to those that have completed an online or in-person class and are by approval only.  Please contact Keep Your Pet, LLC if you are interested!

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