In Home Pet Care

Some animals do not do well changing environments.  This could be due to loss of sight, hearing, reactivity to other animals, or anxiety.  Caregivers of these animals deserve vacations too!  Wouldn’t it be perfect if someone trusted could step in and care for your pet, keep an eye on your house, and even work on improving a few pet behavior problems while you are gone?

I have two offers based on your particular needs.  For either option an animal behavior professional is caring for and working directly with your pet.  Videos and pictures of your pet will be sent to you, if you would like them, while you are away! 


Limited basis based on location, availability, and by approval only

  • Overnight Sitting (10-12 continuous hours – approximately bedtime to after breakfast relief)

This includes drop-ins to relieve and check in on your pets approximately every 4 hours throughout the day.

Your pets may be left alone during the day but not for more than 4 hours and in the comfort of their own home.

$100 per day

  • Overnight Sitting (24 continuous hours – all day and all night)

I will either be home with your pet or, if possible and agreeable to you, if I go anywhere your pet comes along with me.

This is a wonderful option for those caregivers that are working through pets with separation anxiety but need to get away.

$150 per day



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