Pet Tutor

I am always trying to make things easier for my clients.  There is no magic pill that promptly resolves all problem behaviors!  I have, however, found a wonderful tool that becomes an extra set of hands for you!  I use these with my clients and with my canine B&B residents.  Because the smart feeder is remote, I can trigger it from across the room or across the house, outside, or in the back of the car while we are moving.  This quickens the learning process as I don't have to be in front of the dog for the dog to receive a treat when he or she is exhibiting a behavior that I like.

I will have my own videos in the future, but here are several for you to watch if you are interested in learning more. 

Stress-free nail trimming

Slow down fast eaters

Mild cases of separation anxiety

More videos to come!!!

I have Pet Tutor remote feeders and the appropriate accessories available for rent at $15 per week.  Rental gives you a perfect opportunity to give the product a test run and have me there to guide you to get the most benefit from it.  You may find that after a few weeks the behavior has improved and you no longer need the remote feeder.  Or, you may find that you and your dog are having so much fun learning that you want to have one or two of your own! 

If you are interested in purchasing a Pet Tutor, you can reach the company directly with this link or the button below.  I am an affiliate so they will know that I sent you and I receive some credit for your purchase.

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