Separation Anxiety (Home Alone Problems)

Are your neighbors or landlord complaining that your dog barks all day?  Does your dog whine and pace and chew your shoes when you are not home?  Does your dog greet you excessively when you return home?  Does your dog show signs of stress before you even leave the house?  Have you come home to destruction of entryways, door frames, and walls?  Does your dog escape from every enclosure you have tried?  Does your dog eliminate or vomit while you are gone and then drink excessively when you get home? 

All of the above are potential signs of separation anxiety and your dog is not coping well with your absence and panics.  These behaviors can be frustrating, annoying, frightening, heart breaking, expensive, time-consuming, and dangerous for you and your pet.  I will work with you to determine the underlying cause.  Once the underlying cause is determined, a customized plan will be created to help you and your dog.  Wouldn't it be nice to keep your beloved pet and also be able to go to dinner with friends without worrying about what you will find when you get home?


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