Decreasing Separation Related Anxieties Course

Someone to help you every step of the way with separation anxiety takes time and commitment for all involved.  Meanwhile, your dog cannot be left home alone without mild to severe anxiety.  If you want to tackle this issue on your own with specific 'do this' instructions, this self-paced separation anxiety course was created just for you.  This course gives you detailed instructions to set YOU and YOUR dog up for success, and gives you step by step instructions with printable worksheets to help your dog through this tough period.  

Throughout the course, you can review the materials when it works for you versus a set class time.  The materials are provided in sections.  Each section building on the one before.  Where appropriate, worksheets are ready to be downloaded and/or printed to help you.  Questions can be asked at anytime.  Materials can be downloaded and kept forever.

The Decreasing Separation Related Anxiety course offers:  

  • Open Enrollment:  You can get started immediately.  You do not need to wait for an in person class to get scheduled.

  • Professional materials:  Step by step instructions and worksheets to help you with your pet.

  • Real life implementation:  Help your dog at home, where the problem occurs.  

  • Flexibility:  You and your family can review and implement changes when it is convenient for you.  You have the materials to refer to over and over again.  

  • Your pace:  You can review the materials and start to implement at your pace.  

  • Only modern, pain-free, force-free, stress-free methods will be recommended:  You will not be asked to force your pet, cause your pet additional fear, or apply pain to your pet.  Those traditional methods are out-dated and unnecessary and have been shown to potentially cause additional behavioral problems.

This Decreasing Separation Related Anxiety course is $300 for 90 days access to the materials.   This course requires your dedication to work through the course on your own.  If your dog is showing signs of aggression, the Behavior Assistant program would be recommended instead.


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