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It would be nice if there was a magic pill to instantly stop all animal behavior problems.  Unfortunately, there isn't one.  There are, however, many tools that I recommend to clients over and over again to help in addition to their customized behavior modification plan.  These are like tools in a tool box.  Buying these tools won't automatically make you a professional and won't automatically solve your dogs behavior problems but with professional assistance, you will know why, when, and how to use which tool!

I have no affiliation with the companies below.  The links to and are for your convenience.  Feel free to purchase from anywhere these products are sold, look for more updated versions, etc.


  • 360 Wireless Security IP Camera, Home WiFi Camera Surveillance Smart Night Vision Camera for Baby, Elder, Pet and Prevent Accidents(1080P)

This is my favorite surveillance camera which I am using at home and clients are using as well.  The 360 Smart Camera -  This camera is relatively inexpensive, easy to set up, easy to use, easy to keep video, and has a great picture day and night.  This camera is useful for checking in on your pet whether you are in another room or in another town.  I do not stock this camera (or any camera).   This is also very useful while working on separation anxiety cases so you can rest assured that your pet is not panicking while you are gone.  Note - Cases of separation anxiety will not get better on their own - get help from a professional quickly! 








  • Interactive Puzzle Games - Mental stimulation

It is well known that physical exercise is important for our animals.  In addition to physical exercise, most dogs and cats react well to mental stimulation too.  Mental stimulation involves having the animal think and use its natural resources, like his or her nose and feet!  Mental stimulation is exciting and tiring for your pet, helps to build confidence in not-so-confident animals, and is another fun way to interact with your pet.  I have various interactive puzzles in stock.  Note - These puzzles are to be filled with treats, put down for your pet to play with, and then picked up and stored away until the next day.  They are NOT to be left out or left with your pet unsupervised.  Start easy and help your pet if needed.  I love the nina ottosson products but the company has been sold and I am having a difficult time finding them. 








  • Cats love these interactive toys too!  The great thing about this toy is that your cat plays with it on its own, it helps satisfy your cat's natural desire to hunt, and gives your cat mental and physical exercise! 










  • Walking pleasantly with your dog is like partners while dancing.  The adventures that you can take together are endless!  If your dog pulls, you may invest in a no-pull harness, like the SENSE-ation harness.  If you are going to invest in the harness, take a few minutes and learn how to proper fit the harness for the best results!

  • I like these clickers from EcoCity.  On Amazon they are listed as 2018 New Upgrade Version Dog Training Clicker with Wrist Strap, 4-Pack.  They are loud and clear but not too loud, they feel sturdy in your hand and are easy to hold.  They can be held on your wrist by the wrist strap or hooked to something else like your coat zipper or belt loop with the hook.  I usually keep these in stock for sale.

  • I like these treat bags:  PetSafe Treat Pouch Sport - They are sturdy and easy to wash.  They can be hooked to your belt or come with a belt to strap around your waste.  They stay open so you can get to the treats quickly and you can also close them quickly for dogs that like to help themselves to the treats!  They are big enough to put a tennis ball if that is what your dog finds more rewarding.  I usually have these in stock for sale or you can find them here:


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