Behavior Assistant

What you need quickly, providing behavior help specific for you, every step of the way!

One way to think of the Behavior Assistant program is to think of having a professional, experienced, behavior assistant there when you need them.  Someone to answer your questions in a timely and professional manner that will not cause more stress, pain, or fear to your pet.  

Through the on-line Behavior Assistant program, you can review the materials when it works for you versus a set class time.  No more having to think of all your questions when I am there in person.  The material is provided in parts as needed for your particular needs.  The parts are less overwhelming as you can review, ask questions, start to implement, and ask more questions as needed.  Each part builds on the next, with the goal of decreasing your pet's problem behaviors.  Based on your request, we can also have phone or video conversations to further discuss your pet. 

The Behavior Assistant program offers:  

  • Personalized, one on one focus:  Your learning plan is specific to you, your pet, your family, and your environment.  The plan is modified and customized as needed.  This is not a group program.

  • Professional materials:  Step by step instructions and worksheets are provided to help you with your pet.

  • Real life implementation:  Change your dog's behavior where it needs changing.

  • Open Enrollment:  You can get started now.  You do not need to wait for a class to get scheduled.

  • Flexibility:  You and your family can review and implement changes when it is convenient for you.  You have the materials to refer to over and over again.  

  • Your pace:  You can review the materials and start to implement at your pace.  

  • Specific problem focus as well as big picture focus:  Focusing on learning a behavior in a training environment is great, however, it is important to integrate what is being learned into the dog's daily life.  Focusing on the big picture and real life implementation helps in developing a calm, easy-to-live with pet.

  • Relationship building:  Recommendations will be made to help YOU build a trusting relationship with your pet. 
  • Support:  A caring, dedicated, professional is there to guide you.  You can do this!
  • Accountability:  Life is busy and complicated.  Sometimes you need help and someone to keep you moving forward.
  • Answers:  Answers to your questions as you encounter them.  No more scouring the internet for conflicting answers and wondering what to do.

  • Video reviews:  Short videos either observing the behavior or following the recommendations are reviewed & responded to with helpful observations and recommendations.

  • Only modern, pain-free, force-free, stress-free methods will be recommended:  You will not be asked to force your pet, cause your pet additional fear, or apply pain to your pet.  Those traditional methods are out-dated and unnecessary and have been shown to potentially cause additional behavioral problems.

  • Options:  If necessary, phone or video private discussions.  

This program is NOT for you if you are NOT willing to make some changes.  Unfortunately, if you keep doing the same thing over and over with your pet, you are likely to keep seeing the same problem results over and over again.  Completing the agreement & questionnaire does not guarantee that we are a good match for working together but it is a great start!

This personalized Behavior Assistant program is $300 for 1 month (4 weeks).  How long depends on you and your pet.  Most complicated behaviors take approximately one to two months to receive/digest/start working on all of the necessary information.  Follow-on Maintenance programs are then available for further assistance and accountability.

When you are ready to begin, follow the 'Start here...' button below.  I look forward to helping you and your pet!

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